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Atlantis residents in Western Cape protests against police brutality



Residents of Atlantis in the Western Cape are urging urgent intervention at the local police station.

This comes after several incidents of alleged police brutality. In the latest incident, police officers allegedly treated a man harshly and cursed at a woman in the presence of her nine-year-old child, She was arrested for contempt of court.

Although the community have experienced an increased level of crimes in the area lately, a report of shooting last few months back where a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed in Extension 12.


It’s believed Jayden Theunissen the victim was gunned down while walking to a tuck shop in Extension 12 on Wednesday night.

Manfred Van Rooyen, affiliated with a community organisation called Voice of Atlantis, said rival gangs were holding the community hostage as several murders were recorded since the start of this year.

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