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The shocking moment a Mexican policeman killed his partner by throwing her off a fourth floor



Residents of Anáhuac a neighbourhood in Mexico City were shocked to marrow after an angry policeman killed his partner who also worked as an agent for the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City.

The 35-year-old Nancy Jaqueline Peralta Romero was reportedly murdered when she was thrown away from the fourth floor of an apartment building she was living with her partner.

They lived together in the Anáhuac a neighbourhood in Mexico City.

Neighbors say before the fall, he was heard fighting with his partner, who escaped from the scene.

The murder occurred during the early hours of Wednesday, March 3, Nancy and Gustavo arrived at the building aboard a motorcycle: videos from video surveillance cameras, broadcast through social networks, captured the moment around 10:00 p.m.

“They did not go to my niece’s home, there was no protection of the place where she fell; At the time of my niece’s fall, she fell into a truck that was in the parking lot, the truck left the housing unit, there was no guard in the area, all week from day one to the day my niece died, I was requesting to the authorities who made an expert opinion in his apartment outside and they never went, “he told the media.

Nancy Jaqueline passed away on March 12: 10 days after possibly being thrown by Gustavo “N”, her sentimental partner.

“I was in the MP’s agency at the time my niece died, until that moment the Public Ministry requested that the experts appear in my niece’s apartment, that is, she achieved in one hour from the moment her niece dies because the experts showed up in an hour at my niece’s apartment when I was seven days old, asking her to take them, ”declared Patricia Romero.

Nancy’s aunt also specified that she herself took the security camera videos to the authorities and that she does not know how they were leaked to the public and if this will affect the justice process.

“We do not know how committed the investigation can be by simply playing the video, we as a family do not filter it, we do not know if the same authority did it, the truth is that we are concerned in that regard,” he mentioned.


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