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David Beale from the pointless tv show has been reported dead



David Beale from the pointless has been reported dead

The news of his death came as a shock to many as social media fans of the show have started tweeting about it saying this could be the end of the show.


Much is not known at the moment what killed David or how he died as we are yet to get more information on this report.

What Is Pointless, To many that don’t know what pointless means?

Pointless is a British television quiz show produced by Banijay subsidiary Remarkable Television for the BBC.

It is hosted by Alexander Armstrong with assistance from Richard Osman. In each episode, four teams of two contestants attempt to find correct but obscure answers to four rounds of general knowledge questions, with the winning team eligible to compete for the show’s cash jackpot.

All questions used on the show are factual in nature and are asked of a panel of 100 individuals in a pre-conducted public survey. Contestants seek to find correct answers that were given by a few of the survey subjects as possible (“points”); each round is won by the team with the fewest points. “Pointless” answers, given by nobody, score zero points, the best score.

Every pointless answer given during the main game increases the jackpot by £250, and one such answer must be given in the final round in order to win it.

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