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Dalila Vasquez Dies Unexpectedly



Dalila Vasquez has unexpectedly and sadly passed away. She was reported to have died today March 18 2021.

No information has been released about her death but a series of a post made on social media claimed the young woman was murdered.


Friends have dropped into Facebook to pen down their heartfelt tribute to the late Dalila.

Reacting to her death, Haley Rose wrote:-

I can’t seem to find our pictures on this new phone but please tell me this is a dream Dalila I was just speaking to you last night about what happened, man. I can’t believe a person so good is gone, she was nothing but good vibes every time she sees me she would get so happy.

I saw her not too long ago and she ran to me and was like “bitch I miss you, you so Beautiful. one thing for sure we always talking to each other, she always makes sure I’m good and, she always questions be about My son.

Why do they take the good away this isn’t fair wake up Babygirl, please we need you in this world you filled with love and great energy she would really make somebody who’s not in the mood happy. she was the most caring person out here Dalila Vasquez your soul was so bright your energy was nothing but great how can you hurt me so bad like this Dalila.

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