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Couple living in Saltdean East Sussex filmed a moment an uninvited guest “Badger” entered their kitchen through a cat hole and devoured their cat food


A couple who live in Saltdean, East Sussex, UK, was plagued by a mysterious phenomenon of noise in the kitchen early in the morning and decided to install a camera the next morning what they saw really shocked them.

The couple felt disturbed and decided to put up a surveillance camera to find out the cause, and they saw a wild badger invading through a cat door.

While being surprised at the appearance of a badger devouring their cat food, they decided to shoot a video and enjoyed encountering an unexpected stranger.

Mr Zoe said he didn’t know what was ruining the kitchen, as the black shadows quickly ran through the cat door as soon as he rushed in after making a noise and they decided to install a surveillance camera in order to uncover the identity of the undelivered person who disturbs a good night’s sleep.

“Berty comes into the house and smells a little of his poodle and starts eating the cat food in the kitchen. When I crouch down and start shooting videos, I walk around the kitchen and look at myself. I was there, but I didn’t seem to be scared and started eating cat food again. “

“Berty doesn’t look ferocious and I think he has an interesting personality. It doesn’t smell so bad, and if he chooses a visit time, he’ll be cute, so I’m happy to invite him.”

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