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Zulu King Zwelithini Goodwill have passed away after battling diabetes



It is saddened to announce that king Zwelithini Goodwill of Zulu, who had been admitted in hospital for diabetes treatment, took “a turn for the worse and subsequently died  in the early hours of Friday morning.

His family revealed this morning – read  the family statement.

“On behalf of the royal family, we thank the nation for your continued prayers and support in this most difficult time.” the statement.

The King, Goodwill Zwelithini was admitted to ICU in a private hospital last month after ‘several unstable.

This is coming just few days later after it was  rumoured that he died. A report made by  Buthelezi dismissed it  as “false and cruel”.


On Friday Buthelezi said he was asked by the royal family to provide an update on the king’s health because there “is some anxiety among His Majesty’s people to know how the king is faring”.

More to follow soon.

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