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Victim Of Northwest Side Highway Fatal Crash Identified



Khalid Valencia has been identified as one of the victims of the fatal car accident on the Northwest Side.

The fatal crash was said to have happened just before 2:30 am Wednesday on Interstate-10 near W. Hausman Road.

According to information from the police, speed was the main reason why the accident happened.

Explaining how the tragic incident occurred they said; the vehicle tried to turn onto the I-10 access road, but instead, they hit the curb, went airborne and cleared the access road before landing on the other off-ramp to De Zavala. The car then bounced and went airborne again and landed on the main lanes before bouncing again, then turned sideways and hit the concrete wall.

The vehicle didn’t stop there. it then bounced off the wall, hit the left shoulder, hit the wall a second time and then came to a stop between the left shoulder and lane one.


Friends stormed the social media to pen down their heartfelt tribute to the deceased.

McKenna Counts wrote – To all Khalid Valencia friends. If you decide to drink tonight or in the coming days to honour our dear friend. Please have a ride lined up, please do not get behind the wheel and drive. Keep his memory alive by making better choices and living your life to the fullest.

All because that’s what he would want for you! Life is so short and we’re seeing that right before our eyes. The King, an absolute legend so extremely loved by so many people. Your timeline shows that. You’ll always be missed.

Ashlie wrote – Words can’t describe the pain. You were always a little brother to me. I don’t really know what to say or do. I will miss you much. Till we meet again. I love you Khalid Valencia! Always family.

Marcus wrote – We met up in Austin, last time I saw Khalid Valencia he literally told me, “hey man, you look really great and healthy. You’re vibing. I’m glad you love Austin and I know you have a bright and successful future ahead of you.” The word for word.

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