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Oldest wild bird in the world “Wisdom” laid eggs and chicks at 75yrs


The worlds oldest wild bird “Wisdom” has recently released her eggs.

The 75 years old bird has been attracting attention from researchers and bird lovers all over the world.

Wisdom of the Laysan albatross, known as the “oldest wild bird in the world” to the best of our knowledge, was hatched from an egg by a biologist observing on Midway Island, Hawaiian Islands on the 1st of last month. Was confirmed.

Every October on Midway Island, more than one million albatrosses return to their nests for breeding activities. “Albatrosses are monogamous. If one lives long and the other dies this time,” said Beth Flint, a biologist at the US Fish and Wildlife Service. I need to find a new partner. ”

The opponent of Wisdom this time is an albatross called “Akeakamai”, and it has been observed that these two birds have cooperated to produce some chicks since 2012. “We think there are other people in Wisdom besides Akeakamai,” the agency said.

Since the average lifespan of Laysan albatross is said to be 62 years, Wisdom is an ultra-longevity. Wisdom’s longevity has become a hot topic among researchers and bird lovers.

Sean Dooley, a spokeswoman for BirdLife Australia, commented on the news:

“Since Wisdom returns to Midway Island only once every two years, I was really looking forward to Wisdom raising children again. In recent years, climate change has caused seawater temperatures to rise, causing albatrosses to look for food. We have no choice but to expand our flight range in search of places with low seawater temperatures. This poses a great threat not only to albatrosses but also to sea birds. ”

“Every time Wisdom returns to Midway, we get new insights into the lifespan of seabirds and how many children they can raise. Wisdom not only entertains us but also seabirds. It will deepen your understanding to protect the future of the seabird. ”

When the United States Fish and Wildlife Service reported the birth of a chick on Twitter on the 6th of last month, “It’s amazing to have a baby after 70 years old” “I’m really surprised by the natural world” “I missed the elderly woman Comments such as “Don’t do it” was received.

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