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Saul Mamani dies following a tragic fall off balcony incident in Bolivia University



Saul Mamani from Bolivia is one of the students that fell to their death after they from a height of 16 meters and 70 centimetres following rail damage in their school.

The Seven students were killed and five were injured at El-Alto Public University, Bolivia’s second-largest city. The incident took place as dozens of students stormed the balcony on Tuesday to enter the auditorium for meetings Tuesday.

Their names where…
Raul Cadena, Genio Mamani, Saul Mamani, Daaniel Rodriguez, Anahi Chipana, Loida Sosa and Tania Roque

The disturbing video, which the observer recorded a minute before the students fell, shows them shaking as they leaned on the railing that collapsed due to the pressure of the crowd.

There are also four injured after the tragic accident, they where:-  Limbert Lucana Arcaya (19 years old) who is in the Northern Hospital; Lino Iván Paredes Chambi (20) at the Cordes de La Paz Clinic; Carla Quispe Valdez. (20) in Cordes and Ascence Marisol Verastegui (27 Years Old).

Those affected fell after a struggle between two groups of students following the call to a university assembly.

The number of college students stationed at the door where they were gathered by leaders caused the railing to break and fall from a height of 16 meters and 70 centimetres. ′′ They suffered polytraumaticism by defenestration “, Aguilera said.

El Alto El Alto’s Crime Special Force (Felcc) arrived at the UPEA facilities in the Villa Esperanza area and evidenced that there was a flagrant to the rules governing the pandemic against coronavirus by calling an assembly despite the fact that there was a blatant risk of contagion.

Colonel Aguilera confirmed that three security guards were called in charge of security inside that study house.

It is also expected to also have the version of student leaders who called the assembly to elect the new student centre of that faculty.

′′ We have tried to receive the versions of all these students, unfortunately, once the facts passed, none of them has left to provide information These people should help the Police to establish why they call people in pandemic time “, the General Commander of the Police has grieved.

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