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Disturbing video shows moment 7 students in Bolivia university fall to their death



A viral video has been recorded of a tragic moment when the students who dispersed from a balcony of the fourth floor of the University in Bolivia fell to their death after the rail holding back fell off leading to their unfortunate death.

The Seven students were killed and five were injured at El-Alto Public University, Bolivia’s second-largest city. The incident took place as dozens of students stormed the balcony on Tuesday to enter the auditorium for meetings Tuesday.

Their names where…
Raul Cadena, Genio Mamani, Saul Mamani, Daaniel Rodriguez, Anahi Chipana, Loida Sosa and Tania Roque

The disturbing video, which the observer recorded a minute before the students fell, shows them shaking as they leaned on the railing that collapsed due to the pressure of the crowd.

After that, some of them crashed into the concrete floor, and some of them were pulled by people who were still on the balcony.

One student in a blue jacket was rescued by other students as he hung himself up while colleagues grabbed their shoes to save him.

“From this accident, seven have died and five are in a critical state, some of them stabilised,” health minister Jayson Auza said.

“Our deepest condolences to the people of El Alto and to the suffering families. We await the prompt clarification of the facts,” Bolivian President Luis Arce said on Twitter.

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