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Abood Omari the Jordanian Famous Instagram comedian reportedly dies



We are still shocked and yet to verify of how true is this story that Abood Omari the Amman, Jordan Famous Instagram comedian whose comedy videos and modelling shots have earned him more than 1 million followers so far has been reported dead.

It has been officially confirmed that the 23-year-old  popular Amman, Jordan comedian Abood Omari has died following a road accident in South Africa.

According to the latest report gathered says Abood actually died following an accident he had in South Africa.

“The last video published by Abood Omari – In a traffic accident in South Africa, Jordanian young man Aboud Al-Amry died.
May Allah have mercy on him, good deeds, and give patience to his family.
We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

We are all on this path and for him, we pray to God to bless him with His mercy. And for the living, we have to take the sermon.

May Allah is pleased with the prince of the believers Omar Ibn Al-Khattab when he said this famous phrase: (Enough with death), there is no greater impact and impact than death, especially if this death is sudden without introduction, either due to an accident or a heart attack and so on.”

Omari is a member of the internet comedy crew LowBattery.

He is a Brand Ambassador at Jeeny and Orange.

Omari studied Radio and Television at Petra University (UOP) in Amman, Jordan, Oma began uploading videos to his self-titled YouTube channel in March 2016, He is Jordanian.

Although he is from Jordan, Omari was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.



Some folks still believe that he is still alive since his last social media activity was in the last 6hr ago where he posted an Instagram story.

His last Instagram post:

“They said, He went to the south to kill the lions, so I said, I went to Africa for the sake of the friend. They said: “swim with sharks and eat fattoush.”



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A post shared by Abood Omari (@abood_omarii)

“I don’t even know abood omari but he posted an Instagram story 13h ago and I just heard about his death it’s really scary that he didn’t know that would be the last 13 hours of his life allah yer7mo”




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