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A 30-year-old doctor dies of brain tumor leaves behind a story book for his son



It was an emotional scene to behold when a 30-year-old paediatrician living in Manchester, UK died of a brain tumor leaving behind a storybook for his son.

The medical doctor, Aria Nikjooy, who happens to be a doctor passed away in February of this year, leaving his wife and three-year-old son behind.

Before his death, he wrote and published a picture book on his sickbed saying, “I want my father to understand what happened when my son grew up a little.” He was able to read to his son before he died.”

He was diagnosed with stage 4 cerebral myeloma in November of 2018 after he started experiencing symptoms such as severe headaches and inability to turn around.

After about 7 hours of craniotomy, he returned to work after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but relapsed in March 2020. He underwent a second craniotomy, but in July the tumour was found again and he underwent a third surgery.

Speaking on this matter was his wife Naomi who said, Aria’s first hospital stay lasted for two and a half months and was physically and mentally demanding. Aria lost her sense of balance and had to learn to speak, walk, eat and write from scratch, and it took time to recover.

“When my husband was diagnosed with cerebral myeloma, Elias was only 1 year and 4 months old and did not explain her illness. However, she had two or three surgeries and told her son. I needed to be informed about my husband’s illness because I was witnessing my father sleeping repeatedly, vomiting repeatedly. ” she said

She went further to say, “My husband did not lose his motivation to complete a picture book for his son even in his worst condition, and after approaching several publishers, he made his first picture book with the Endless Bookcase’in September last year. Was published. Aria, who was getting weaker and weaker after each surgery, was able to put her son on her knees and read a story of a picture book full of her own thoughts. Every time I saw them I was almost crushed in my chest. ”

“Then it turned out that my husband’s cancer had spread to the spine in early December last year. He probably knew he was dead. After spending a peaceful Christmas with his family, he was in good health. It got worse and died at home on February 8th of this year. “

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