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Professional Polyglot, Moses McCormick Has Passed Away


Professional Polyglot, Moses McCormick AKA Laoshu505000 Is Dead 

Professional Polyglot with unique skills in foreign language acquisition, Moses Monweal McCormick is popularly known as Laoshu has sadly passed away. He was reported to have died today 5th March 2021. No cause of death has been reported yet but sources claimed he died of heart complications.

Moses rose to fame around the world following his special ability to speak over 20 languages.

McCormick can speak Mandarin, Spanish, Cantonese, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Twi, Arabic, and many other languages.

He first began language learning 20 years ago after he noticed that most language books and classes did not teach students how to prepare for real-world conversations. In an attempt to solve this issue, Moses developed his own method he described as “The FLR Method“.

The Ohio-native majored in Chinese at Ohio State University where he nearly tested out of all of his required Chinese classes due to his own learning and study from high school.

In 2008, he began publishing recordings of himself speaking dozens of languages on YouTube. Initially, these recordings were made in an attempt to meet others and get feedback from native speakers across the world; however, over time, these adventures became an integral part of his progress and motivation for learning.

He quickly began receiving tons of questions from other curious learners online about his learning method. In turn, he began making videos explaining his FLR Method technique and answering specific queries, all the while meeting many shocked native speakers and impressed language professors.

Although he has tried many methods in the past, Laoshu primarily used The FLR Method to learn how to speak new languages.

Moses is a great inspiration for language learners!


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