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1-year-old baby girl dies due to accidental ingestion of a button battery in Lubbock



An unfortunate incident that happened in the US around December last has seen the death of a year-old baby girl Reese who had complications after swallowing a button battery.

Baby Reese was the second daughter of Trista Hamsmith (39), a mother of two children in Lubbock, Texas, suddenly became lethargic at the end of October last year, making a squeaking noise and coughing when breathing became highly impossible for her.

She was just 1 year and 5 months old at the time, diagnosed with a sore throat at the pediatric clinic, but her physical condition did not improve at all even after 2 days.

Then, as soon as Trista began to think that there must be something else, she found a remote controller lying on the floor with the battery lid open.

If you look closely, the button battery that should have been installed is gone, and Trista took Reese to the emergency room, saying, “Maybe I accidentally swallowed it.”

“When I searched online, I found that sore throat was very similar to the symptoms of accidental ingestion of coin cell batteries. A hospital examination showed that coin cell batteries remained in the oesophagus of Reese. I found out that an emergency removal operation was performed, “she recalls.


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