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Daniel Marvin Borrows Twitter Account After His Own Account Was Suspended



South African music artist Daniel Marvin who is also popularly known as Ke Sharp has his Twitter account with over 222k followers suspended due to an unverified reason.

The social influencer and one of the SA popular singer on Thursday 4 March 2012 borrowed a Twitter account from an online user after he was suspended from one of the popular social media in the World (Twitter) to explain everything that happened.

In his words, Mr Daniel called himself the president and made his fans to understand that he is working it to make sure he either restore the account or open another one.

Daniel has been an engaging social media influencer who talks about issues that affect society on daily basis.

He coaches both relationships and marriage-related topics. He also delves into Photography, arts and music.

He is a Media and communication perfectionist.

Ke Sharp on one occasion revealed that he refused to allow another man to raise his children. He shared snaps of himself with his kids and wrote:

“I refused to see another man raising my kids. I am not a perfect person…But when it comes to kids I make sure…now they grew up going to school.”

The snaps show that Daniel has always been there for his kids from when they were babies. He’s truly setting dad goals for many South Africans out there. In his bio, Daniel describes himself as an artist and brand ambassador.

He has amassed a whopping 221,000 followers. His message is therefore reaching thousands of people around the country and beyond.


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