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Indigo Raptor – What Happened To Her?



A young gamer who is said to be 10 years of age is currently trending on social media after she allegedly took her own life while doing a live video on TikTok.

Though there is no video proof to back up the news that Indigo Raptor committed suicide but many online users on Tik Tok has claimed that she actually did and revealed that the young Tiktoker took her own life because she was cyberbullied for her costume.

Who Is Indigo Raptor?

Indigo Raptor is a 10-year-old TikTok creator who went viral on Tiktok after she allegedly took her own life following the cyberbullies she got from a group of people.

She was known on Tik Tok for wearing a blue-coloured (indigo) rapture costume/mask while doing a live video.

Indigo was said to be a member of the furry fandom, a subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Indigo’s tragic incident has brought in a lot of controversies on social media after many people joked with the suicide video.

What Happened To Indigo Raptor?

A Tiktoker by name of “indigo Raptor” allegedly committed suicide due to the mass amount of hate.

A Twitter user claimed she was bullied by the Tiktok hamster cult. The Twitter user revealed that Indigo was cyberbullied by the hamster cult up to the point that she couldn’t hold herself any longer and decided to end her life.

Who Are The Hamster Cult On Tiktok? The TikTok Hamster Cult is just a collective of users trying to take over the app. They recently attacked popular singer Lana Del Rey on Tiktok.

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Twitter Users Reacts To Indigo The Furry Death

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