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How a plus sized British woman weighing 114kg lost 44 kilogram in 15 months will shock you



According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Britain has the highest obesity rate among the people in Europe, but a woman living in this country was suffering from an obese body weight of 114 kg or more. But the plus-sized mother of two has beaten the game by crashing down 44kg of her body weight in the last 15 months and how she did that will shock you.

The 29-year-old Tansy Arnett lives in Colchester, Essex successfully crashed down a surmounting weight of 44kg from her original weight of 114 Kilograms and this is attracting attention as she started “Looking like Princess Megan.”



Tansy Arnett new look after beating out 44kg from her original weight

How Was She Able To Do That?

Tansy is a mother of a 12-year old twin sons and a 2-year old son, but she was obsessed that she hardly play with them. She said she couldn’t change her clothes or even look at herself in the mirror when her partner is around her.

Tansy said her partner was so concerned about her predicament, she said she tried to lose weight by dietary restrictions several times, but none of them seemed to work due to the rebound coming from hunger. So in November 2019, she decided to join the local community run by Slimming World, which takes the plunge to help support weight loss.

She stopped eating sweet cakes and soft drinks and tried to eat fruits, vegetables, and preferably self-catering.

Members of the community encouraged me when I was about to lose weight, and 15 months after I started losing weight, I succeeded in losing 44 kilograms, months gone, Tansy who became slim, was taller than 170 cm, so It has been reborn into an outstanding style that cannot be imagined from its previous appearance. In addition, Slimming World gave the title of “Miss Slinky 2021” to the person who succeeded in losing weight most. Tansy, who succeeded in losing weight, said:

“I used to have pain in my joints, back, and neck, and I was always tired. And I was worried about my weight every day. An acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a while noticed how fat I was. I was afraid to avoid meeting, but now I love meeting people. ”

“My partner seems to like me now, who is confident. I used to feel trapped in my body, but now I feel free. Some people say that I look like Princess Megan. It’s already the best compliment. ”

In addition, Tansy woke up to cooking by completely stopping the frozen foods and retort foods he used to eat, and he still eats a well-balanced diet and lives without rebounding.

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