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Congolese villagers invades mountain full of gold deposits, see what happened next



Struggle for life will not be an easy task, here is a viral video uploaded recently by a Twitter user, in the video, Congolese Villagers get the biggest surprise of their lives, after discovering a whole mountain full of Gold and guessed what happened next.

The people were left with no other choices but to pack their fill of what they claimed was gold to their various homes.

They are digging the soil with gold deposits in it and taking them home.

The villagers were seen digging the mountain containing the gold deposits and taking the soil back to their homes in order to wash the dirt and extract the gold.

From the video below, Some of the villagers have already started making gains from their hustle as many of them were be seen collecting real gold from a pan they filled with water in the second video.

“Villagers has discovered a treasure mountain. The whole mountain is gold! People are digging and just taking the soil back to their homes, the gold to be washed and then smelted into the dory, Sadly, Congo is one of the poorest countries we have in Africa. Whites have misused us.”

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