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Why Did Azealia Banks dumped fiancé Ryder Ripps a week after her engagement



The news of Azealia Banks dumping her fiance Ryder Ripps came unexpectedly to many online folks.

The 29-year-old star just made the announcement that she has been engaged to her fiance a 39-year-old Ryder Ripps on Sunday before the latest news of sudden disengagement came crashing the joy of her fans.

Banks and her lover have been seen several times having romantic vacay in Palm Springs recently.

Obviously, her intentions for dumping Ryder seem very immature, she said that Ryder was too insecure for the wildly creative she-wolf in her. that sounds crazy though.

It has not been cleared how long the lovebirds were dating before they got engaged, however, Banks revealed that they were involved after sharing a post of them together with the caption ‘power couple’ last month.

Ripps is said to be the creative director of OKFocus, a digital marketing and design agency that has worked with the likes of Nike and Red Bull.

Ryder is a celebrated artist, and describes his fine art pieces as ‘art that uses online avenues to expose how social media can amplify narcissism and fear.’

Banks who seem not to be good for any man has previously been linked to Bring It On actor Jesse Bradford in 2015, and she also previously linked herself to married comedian Dave Chappelle, claiming they had an affair.

Meanwhile, Azealia recently made troubling headlines for making earrings from the bones of her dead cat Lucifer. That’s a story for another day though!!!

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