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An 11-feet-long crocodile has been rescued from a construction site in Vadodara



Watch the moment an 11-feet-long crock was rescued from a construction site in Vadodara.

The rescue video was filmed at a construction site in the Kelanpur area of Vadodara.
the crocodile was an 11 feet long croc discovered in a ditch around Kelanpur.

The crock was later handed over to the forest department after the rescue was made and has since been released to his natural habitat.

In the first picture, the crocodile is stuck inside a muddy ditch and the crocodile is getting rescued from the construction site. In the second picture, the reptile is seen going inside a cage.


Arvind Pawar told ANI that the crocodile was taken for a medical checkup after the rescue. After the medical check, the crocodile has been released to its natural habitat.

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