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Dylan Hart, The Host of Household Hacker Dies At 38



The founder and host of Household hacker, Dylan Hart has passed away at the age of 38. The news of his death was announced today via social media accounts and his Youtube channel “Household Hacker” through one of his team member, Scott Martin.

According to Scott, Dylan died few months but they decided not to make it public. The cause of his death was not disclosed.

Dylan has grown his Youtube channel to over 4 million subscribers.

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Household Hacker made a lengthy post about, Dylan Hart through their verified Facebook page where they said much about the Youtuber.

Read Excerpts below:-

Dylan Hart (1982-2020), founder and host of Household Hacker, sadly passed away a couple of months ago. Dylan had a lot of passions in life. He was a lifelong Sci-Fi nerd, who could easily spend his downtime watching old episodes of Star Trek. He was a huge fan of The Mandalorian, as well.

He talked about it as often as he could. That nerdy side to Dylan often showed through in his videos, sometimes in the form of a quick joke, other times more bluntly, like by literally wearing an exact replica of The Mandalorian’s helmet, whether it made sense or not. He had a passion for many things that were otherworldly. He loved steampunk and fantasy games from Zelda to Baldur’s Gate to Hearthstone.

And he had an obsession for anything in Fallout/post-apocalyptic style, so much so that he fashioned his set around it and donned one of his gas masks at just about any opportunity. Dylan was also deeply interested in practically anything tech. He enjoyed making his own keyboards, programming his laptop to be able to control things around the house like a command center, 3D printing, and everything in between.

Who Is Dylan Hart?

Name Dylan Hart
Age 38yrs
Birthdate October 13 1982
Deathdate November 6 2020
Career Youtuber

Dylan Hart is the founder of one of the popular and most subscribed American Youtube channel, “Household Hacker” based in San Jose, California. He sadly passed away on November 6 2020.

Dylan’s channel demonstrates life hacks and reviews products often advertised on television or sold online.