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“Snubbing an etv popular soapie Rhythm City event” – Singer Makhadzi Muimbi reveals the whole truth


“People are busy planning on how they are going to destroy my career”, Popular South African singer Makhadzi Muimbi in a new tweet she shared on Saturday morning reveals the actual turn out of events over an alleged report of her snubbing an Etv popular soapie “Rhythm City”.

The singer in her tweet said that many as an upcoming musician, one thing she has learnt is that there are people who are busy planning on how are they going ruin her music career.

It seems obvious that Makhadzi was trying to address a recent report made by DailySun few weeks ago where it was alleged that she left the producers of e.tv’s popular soapie Rhythm City in the lurch disappointed after she failed to pitch on that very morning. This was after being booked for performance and appearance on the show.

But the singer went further to say that all that was said about her with the Etv event was all lies.

“As an upcoming musician, one thing I have learnt,is there are pple who are busy planning on how are they going destroy my career , Cz they know that they can’t stop me from doing what i love. Am saying this because of this lies. I managed to g to rhythm city and on time.”

DailySun reported that the singer was meant to perform on the show date but she never arrived.

“They booked her to perform today on set, as is the norm for the show. But she didn’t pitch, which meant the producers had to scramble to find a replacement,” the insider said.

According to them, It was obvious that Makhadzi was paid a deposit for her planned performance.

“She had already been paid a deposit, which ensured her performance on the show, she was also going to be on stage.” The event planner said

The producers had to find another artist to replace her at the last minute, ”says another specialist.

All of this happened because She apparently had problems with her recording label.

“Obviously she has problems with her recording label, which may be why she did not honor the appointment, much to the disappointment of many,” said a third source.

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