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Nigeria’s first lady Mrs Aisha Buhari allegedly divorced her husband President Mahummadu Buhari


The latest rumour circulating on the internet has it that Nigeria’s first lady Mrs Aisha Buhari has allegedly divorced her husband, President Mahummadu Buhari.

The unconfirmed news was shared by a popular Nigerian journalist Dr Kemi Olunloyo through her Twitter page on Saturday morning.

In her post, Dr Kemi said that the Nigerian first lady, Mrs Aisha Buhari has separated from her husband General Buhari (rtd).

She went further to say that sources revealing this to her told her that she’s had it up to her throat and so fed up of “being the mother of a nation she cannot protect”


On 2 December 1989, Aisha got married to Muhammadu Buhari the current president of Nigeria.

For years, Mrs Buhari has run a successful business as the founder/managing director of Hanzy Spa and principal of Hanzy Beauty Institute, a beauty salon in Kaduna and Abuja.

Aisha is a resource person to the National Basic Technical Education (NBTE)[ on beauty therapy and cosmetology and has participated in the curriculum development of small-medium enterprises for NBTE.

Aisha closed her beauty salon following the emergence of her husband as president of Nigeria.

From records, Aisha advised Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to resign from office as president of Nigeria, following a suicide bombing and an alleged assassination attempt on her husband in July 2014.

Aisha is a women’s rights activist and child rights advocate, and she has criticized child marriage and homosexuality.

Controvertial Journalist Kemi Olunloyo Apologises To The Indigenous People of Biafra  In Her New Tweet

Meanwhile, The controversial Nigerian journalist also in one of her posts on Saturday tendered an apology to the Indigenous People of Biafra a Biafran separatist organization in Nigeria (IPOB) over her recent statement where she said they where terrorists.

In her words, she said “I apologise as a Journalist for calling IPOB a terror group as their PROSCRIPTION IS FAKE Double exclamation mark I refuse to push the media agenda in the MSM as I’m independent and do my own thing. If bandits and killer herders are not Terrorists, who is? To Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, I’m sorry”


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