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Comedian, Erik Myers Loses His Life After Been Hit By A Car



American comedian, actor and writer, Erick Myers has been identified by the Texas DPS as the person hit and killed by a car in the early hours of Wednesday near the potter and Moore County line.

According to officials who identified the victim as a 40-year-old Erik Myers of Kissimmee, Florida, He was walking in the northbound lane of U.S. 87 around 5:50 a.m. around four miles south of the county line when a van driver in the same lane who did not see him due to dark-coloured clothing hit him with the van.

Myers was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Texas Highway Patrol is still investigating the tragic crash.

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Erik Myers Death Brings Lots Of Reaction On Social Media

Ace Comedian, Brad Williams has reacted to the sudden demise of Erik Myers. Brad described Eric as a Comedic FORCE who has done a lot for the comic industry.

In a series of tweets he wrote – Erik Myers was a comedic FORCE. He would destroy a room. I’ll miss watching him get a standing ovation then innocently ask “How did I do?” I’ll miss hearing him say “BRADLEYS!” when we saw each other. I’ll just miss him. Do yourself a favor and watch his stuff. Rest in power pal.

Award-winning singer, Erica Rhodes also tweeted about Erick passing. She said people should all be as kind as Erik Myers who according to her was kind, genuine and hilarious.

We should all be as kind as Erik Myers was to me when I was a total comedy newbie and he brought me to all of the open mics and helped me write one of my first jokes: “I was sober for 15 years, and then I turned 16.” He was kind, genuine, and hilarious. Rest easy, Erik; she tweeted.

Who Is Erik Myers?

Erick Myers was an American comedian, actor, and writer, who began his career when he was still a teenager. At age 18, he started his comedy career. His starting point was at Winchester’s Pub in Baltimore.

Erik rose to fame for his notable work “Dopeless Romantic” on Hulu. In 2005 he won the Funniest Person In Baltimore contest.

Following his success in the comedy scene, Erik decided to move to Florida. In 2011 he was named Florida’s Funniest Comedian.

He is the co-creator of the animated Carton “Court Ordered”.

The Los Angeles based Columbia comedian has appeared on “Gotham City Live”, “Laughs” on the Fox Network, and performed his 1-hour special “Dopeless Romantic” for Hulu.

Eric has also appeared on “Andrew Dice Clay Presents The Blue Show” on Showtime, and “Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen”.

Erik Recently Lost His Father

On February 14 2021, Erik took to his official Instagram page and announced the death of his father, Richard Myers. He said his dad died of cancer in early February.

My Father Richard Myers passed away a few days ago after a long battle with cancer. It’s hard to imagine not seeing him or hearing his voice anymore. I miss your laugh already. Love Erik; he wrote on his Instagram Page.

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