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“Alexa i need daddy” – This young boy adds ‘Daddy’ on the list of shopping items he needs


An interaction between the AI ​​speaker and the 2-year-old child sparks outrageous the internet.

The video which has gone viral on social media was posted by a Tiktoker Aly Femia showing footage of a young dude requesting an A. I to add Daddy to the list of items he needed, it was really funny watching the young lad making such ridiculous demands from a machine.

As we all know is very common for young children to imitate their parents and make phone calls or mess with the TV remote control, but recently a baby monitor has taken a picture of the two-year-old child talking to the AI ​​speaker “Alexa.” Eventually, “Daddy” was added to the shopping list, and this cute exchange created a whirlpool of laughter.

The poster, Aly Femia, is a high school teacher living in Southbury, Connecticut, is a mother with two sons. One night, when he was checking the situation on the baby monitor installed in his son’s bed, he said that he was able to take an interesting video.

In the actual video, a boy who turned up his quilt and raised his upper body was talking to Amazon’s AI speaker “Alexa”, “I need Alexa and Dad.”

At that time, it was after Ally had put her to sleep, but the boy who couldn’t sleep easily thought that he could sleep if he had a dad, so he asked Alexa for help.

The boy’s question meant “call my dad,” but Alexa seemed to decide that something should be added to the shopping list from the boy’s “necessity,” and said, “What should I add?” Is it? ” The boy responded by emphasizing only “daddy”.


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