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Puppy “Skipper” born with 6 legs and 2 tails stares up questions on the internet



A puppy born with sex legs and two tails has caused a lot of people asking questions.
the indifferent poor little dog was delivered and abandoned by the mother dog in the United States.

Although this might seem really shocking even as a human some mother could possibly the likewise, the little puppy was left to die by the mother dog, But the owner says he is growing the little puppy by feeding him with milk in a baby bottle.

A mixed dog of Australian Shepherd and Border Collie was born on the 16th of this month at a private house in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. And of the nine puppies born, only one had six legs.

According to the Neel Veterinary Hospital in the area, the puppy, named “Skipper,” has a normal head and chest but has two pelvis and four hind legs, combined with the front legs. There are 6 legs. Furthermore, each butt had a tail.

In the roentgen photograph, it can be confirmed that the spine is divided into two from around the pelvis, and the structure is equivalent to two lower bodies. As a result, not only the legs and tail but also some internal organs such as the genitals and urethra are two each.

The veterinarian in charge speculates that the skipper’s condition was “probably another sibling and could not be completely separated as each foetation in the mother’s belly.”

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