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Natasha Thahane Says She’s Feeling Homesick.., Reveals She Hasn’t Seen Her Family Since Christmas



South African actress, Natasha Thahane has made it public that she is feeling homesick. The star made this known to her fans through a post she made on her Instagram page.

Natasha Thahane also revealed that due to her busy schedule and being in a different city she hasn’t made out time to see her family. Natasha stated that he haven’t seen her family since Christmas but their prayers are what has kept her going.

“Feeling homesick today. Haven’t seen my family since Christmas I am truly where I am because of their relentless prayers. It hurts not being able to see them because of my busy schedule & being in a different city, but it brings me extraordinary delight knowing that they’re taken care of. uMam’Jwarha Wam,” she captioned the post on her IG.

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