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Honeykomb Brazy Grandparents House Burnt Down After They Were Reportedly Shot & Killed In Alabama (Video)



Sensitive footage is going viral on social media of popular Alabama rapper Honey Kombbrazy’s grandparents home being engulfed in flames after reportedly being shot and killed in their Alabama home.

The video that has been making headways on social media sees the house burning down as people rush in to see how they could help.

The rapper has currently not updated the public or released a  statement about the whole incident. The motive of this tragic action is still yet unknown.

As of the time of filing this the number of casualties in this worrisome incident has not been ascertained.

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The police have confirmed that there were two deceased in the house fire on Dr. Thomas Avenue North Wednesday night.

They said firefighters discovered the two dead inside the home. Mobile Police and Mobile-Fire Rescue are investigating.

Honeykomb Brazy Last Post On Facebook Before The Attack

Honeykomb Brazy had posted in the early hours of today about people putting up his name on the internet and trying to set him up with the police. From what he posted, he said he knows the names of people trying to kill him.

READ: If u gone step just step it’s that simple stop saying my name on the internet all that police ass shit putting insurance on y’all self’s smh on det I hate mobile niggas fr they condone the police shit that’s why I move like I move……#RN4L let’s just stay off the net wit it on blood I’ll never say y’all niggas name ion know who wanna kill Me…. let’s play that game, y’all short peep the situation niggas really running out of shit to say.

Last three months, Honeykomb Brazy escaped an assassination attempt while he was doing a live Instagram video.

The rapper was shot eight times. He was able to defend himself and make it out alive. The shooting happened just a few days after he was released from prison.

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