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Alicia Shavonne Has Passed Away




Friends mourn the death of a young Atlanta, Georgia, Alicia Shavonne, a truck driver who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away today February 17 2021. No cause of death was declared as at the time of filing this report but sources claimed Alicia took her own life after battling with depression.

A Facebook user, Brittney Holder who shared a story on how she tried her best to help Alicia come out from her depression advised people to check on their love ones who may have depressed.

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Depression is real, Depression is so Real! Everybody going Thur something whether u want to vent or not but I know my first night on the truck she was crying and talking about it on the phone.

I had no idea what was going on but within 3 days she told me everything about her life. I hate that u took your life because even when I told you about my depression and how u gotta be strong and talk to God to bring yourself out of depression you still let it Win and get the best of you.

I enjoyed our time we had for the 3 weeks and I pray that people get the help they need. Check on your people even if u think they acting funny because u never know what that person thinking. R.I.P. Alicia Shavonne I don’t like to talk about anybody business if you going through anything please talk to somebody; she posted on Facebook.

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