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LA Rapper, Ketchy The Great Dies At 23



One of the popular rappers in LA County, Ketchy The Great has reportedly passed away at the age of 23. Ketchy was reported to have died today February 15 2021. Sources claimed the fast-rising rapper was killed in a car accident.

The rapper rose to fame after releasing his popular singles “If I Go Broke” and “All Facts”.

In 2017 he dropped his first studio project, Ketchup Packet album, which was streamed countless times on streaming websites.

Rapper Otto Von Biz Markie also via his Twitter handle confirmed that Ketchy has passed on. He described his death as an unspeakable loss.

Read His Tweets Below:-

RIP Ketchy the Great. One of the brightest LA talents of the last five years: a ball of 1000 watt voltage with a razor blade growl, who never failed to steal a track — whose promise was first undercut by the DA plot to persecute the Stinc Team, & now this. An unspeakable loss.

Too many deaths, too much tragedy. I’m at a loss. Ketchy was such a good dude & a true original. Hilarious & vibrant & raw. He’d just came home from doing a bullshit bid and was about to sign a deal, get paid, and really make the waves that he deserved. This is a nightmare.

Before Mustard “remixed” it, Ketchy was on the original “Mr Get Dough” alongside Drakeo, the song that first made the Stincs all city. And before that, he was known for being one of the best jerkin dancers in the city. An LA legend fr.

Beyond the sheer tragedy of his death, it’s just maddening that Ketchy had to spend most of the last 3 years in a cage — because the crooked Sheriff’s and DA used gang enhancements and manipulation of the legal code to lock him up for years for SPRAYPAINTING IN A MUSIC VIDEO.

The closest thing to a definitive Ketchy tape is “Free Sauce,” which was released quietly while he was locked up but still has tons of heat. Ketchup really had a one of a kind rap voice.

Ketchy Jailed In 2019

In 2019 Ketchy the Great, the freewheeling wild-card of The Stinc Team was sent to jail without bail in L.A. County jail. The burglary-related charges are enhanced by the District Attorney’s specious allegation that their crew is an organized gang.

The charges levelled against Ketchy had him (and the stinc team) locked away as political prisoners for years and in December 2020 he was finally released from Prison.

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