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Missing 26-year-old Corey Morrison could be dead as HCPD confirmed a body has been found near Cascades fountain at Azalea Lakes



HCPD, HCFR sent a ladder to the first responder under the Azalea Lakes Cascade Fountain.

The HCPD confirmed that a body had been found a few minutes earlier.

“HCPD, HCFR just sent a first responder under the Cascades fountain at Azalea Lakes, with the help of a ladder. HCPD confirmed a body was found a few minutes ago.”


Over the past few days, several volunteers have gathered and started a search party for 26-year-old Corey Morrison.

Morrison was last seen at the Super Cup on Monday morning at around 1 am. He works at Surfside’s Bonefish Grill էր next door to Murphy’s Law.

Shortly after 3 a.m., South Carolina Highway Patrol officers discovered that his car had crashed into a trench in front of the Azalea Lake near 17 South Strand Medical Center in the United States.

When he did not show up for work on Tuesday, his staff called his family, and his father said he was unknown. His father said that the last time the phone was stuck in the area of ​​Azalea Lakes.

Military spokesman Brian Lee told the South Carolina Highway Patrol that those who responded found the car after 3 a.m. Monday but did not find the driver.

“The vehicle was heading north on US 17, trying to turn left at the boulder of Lake Azalea,” he said. “The driver was driving very fast for the conditions, he hit the trench.”

Corey’s cousin, Alex Stead, said he worked for Murphy at Bonefish Grill. When soldiers found the car, Stead said the airbags were not on, but the windshield was cracked.

“I guess the water was so high that it was rising on his head,” he said.

On Tuesday, Corey did not show up for work, which, according to Sted, is strange, because Corey is a very dedicated worker, և spoke about his desire to work in a managerial position there.

Corey’s co-workers called his father, and then his father learned that his roommate had not heard from him and that his phone was switched off.

“It was the last time I walked around this area, but it’s quite a large area,” said Corey’s father, John on Morrison. He submitted a message to the police that day.

Steed said John On called him, told him what had happened, and he drove straight to Horry County, Ashley, North Carolina.

“He may be my cousin, but he is like my little brother,” he said. “And he does not deserve it. “I just need him to come home.”

When Corey’s father presented the report to the police, the police linked the car in the trench to Corey.

“12 o’clock in the morning. It was 30, 1. It was 00, do you know what is here? ”Said Alex, walking around the area. – There are cars here that go about 60 miles per hour, people just walk around. He really damaged his car. He probably really hurt himself. ”

Family members said Corey was a runner running for a marathon. They think he may have tried to run to a house a few miles away.

“I combed any woods, any area to shoot Iwiston,” said Stead.

On Wednesday, family and friends handed out “missing” leaflets to anyone passing by, hoping he had just turned around.

“I just hope he gets a concussion or something,” said Corey’s father, John On.

On Wednesday morning, Horry County firefighters և Horry County police searched the trench and divers searched a nearby reservoir.

South Carolina law enforcement (SLED) officers flew by helicopter over the area, և more than the first responders searched the nearby wooded area.

They searched for the Sokaseti area for Murphy’s Law.

The family begs anyone who may have seen something or knows something at all to call him.

“I will be here every day, no matter what,” said Stead. I’m going to find him. I have to. ”

This is copied directly from Barbie’s Facebook. Updates will be updated as they come in!!


John and I arrived at the crash site this morning at 7am. Sooooo many emergency personnel showed including EMS, Fire Dept, CSI, SVU, DNR etc. They had divers search the retention ponds, ditches, canals that lead all the way to the Intracoastal Waterway. SLED brought a helicopter from Columbia that flew all over the area with infrared sensors from 330pm until dark. They also had K9’s searching dense wooded areas and a large field. We will resume in the AM with CUE assisting on the ground and with horses. We cannot thank all of the volunteers of friends, family and people we’ve never had contact with enough. The overwhelming amount of support has touched us in ways you’ll never know. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Love to you all



Help and prayers needed. John’s son, Corey Morrison is missing. He was last seen Super Bowl night at Murphy’s in Surfside.

He didn’t show for work this morning and that’s when John and I were both contacted because this is out of character for him. We have been in contact with many people who saw him that night.

We have also filed a missing person report and he is now in the system. He is 26 years old, dark brown hair and weighs 120 pounds soaking wet.

He’s a marathon runner and does very little outside of work. If you have ANY information about his whereabouts, please contact me at [phone redacted] or his Dad, John at [phone redacted] or Officer Glazier with the Horry County Police Dept @ [phone redacted]. His case number is #2021011081
I need all my FB prayer warriors to say a big prayer for us! Pictures of himself and his car model are attached. His Trailblazer is gold in color, his muffler is very low in the back, he has a duck sticker on it and the front bumper is dented.

I thank you all in advance.


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