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Mom shocked as 52-year-old husband sexually attacked daughter in their forest home in Eerste River, Western Cape


Shock as 42-year-old Mom allegedly caught her husband raping their 10-year-old daughter.

The incident which happened in Eerste River, Western Cape had a 52-year-old man attacked a girl sexually around 6:30 am in their forest home in Western Cape.

The mother of the victim who was shocked by what she saw said: “I was not at home and when I came back, I walked in on him raping my child.

“My daughter told me that he pulled her pants down while she was sleeping in the lounge and he put his penis in her anus.

“He tried to convince me not to call the police, but I didn’t hesitate to call the police and told them about the incident and they came to the house.

She also revealed that last week her daughter was almost raped by motorcyclist if not for the way she called for help she would have fallen a victim.

“Last Wednesday, he sneaked into her room while she was sleeping with her younger sister and pulled down her pants.

“The time was around 3 am when my daughter screamed for me to wake up.

“I jumped out of bed and found him in their room and when I asked why he was there, he said he was looking for an entjie. That was odd because he knew that we didn’t have any money.

“I asked him why her pants were down and he didn’t answer.

“I didn’t report it because I thought my daughter was mistaken. But the second time was the last straw.

“I think that if he can do that to my eldest child, then what about the six-year-old?”

The mom says she has been with the man for six years and they have a child together.

She said she is shocked by the rape as he never displayed tendencies before.

“We have been living together for all those years and I don’t know what got into him.

“He is such a nice man and he did everything for my daughters, they never needed anything, he took care of us.

“This is shocking to me, I am really disappointed by this.”

SAPS’ Captain FC van Wyk says Kleinvlei cops are investigating the case.

“A suspect was arrested on Sunday and appeared in the Blue Downs Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday,” he said.

“The case was postponed to next Tuesday for bail information. He remains in custody.”

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