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Canadian Performance Artist, Nina Arsenault Dies At 47



Canadian performer, actress and former sex trade, Nina Arsenault has passed away. Nina’s death news was confirmed on social media.

Nina Arsenault had worked in theatre, dance, video, photography and visual art as a sex trade worker. No cause of death has been revealed yet.

Reacting to Nina’s death Matt Thomas via his Facebook page described the actress as a singular talent who made a place for herself in the world.

Nina Arsenault was a singular talent who made a place for herself in the world by sharing everything and anything in a way that was always raw and honest. She was the first trans person to open up about the dark and light experiences of living and thriving on the fringes for so many people she encountered in Toronto and beyond at a time when that wasn’t a part of the mainstream in any real way.

She taught she created, she shared, she wrote, she screamed, she fought, she lived. We love when trans artists let us into their unique lives and experiences but they are among our most vulnerable creators, limited by society at every turn from making money and living comfortably.

If we are moved by their work and what they add to our lives and culture we have to start supporting them more consistently and when and where it counts because their art often comes at a great cost and anything less is exploitive cultural tourism; Matt posted.

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