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Bripka Ambarita – Few Things You Need To About Him


Bripka Ambarita Breif Biodata:

Real Name: Bripka Ambarita
Age: ———-
Birthplace: Jarkata, Indonesia
Profession: Police
Agama: ———-

Who Is Bripka Ambarita

Bripka MP Ambarita , his name is very familiar to East Jakarta youths who like to fight. Catching young men who are about to fight is his daily job.

The team he leads, Raimas Backbone, is tasked with disassembling, dispersing, scattering and localizing the masses who are carrying out acts of anarchy that have the potential to disrupt our social and community services.

Had a job at a paint company In 1995, after graduating from high school, Ambarita ventured to register for the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy (Akabri). “I went through test after test, until I got to the last test,” said Ambarita when met on Monday.

In Jakarta, Ambarita met his older sister’s friend. From there, he was offered a job at a paint company. “I work at a paint company in Ancol, North Jakarta, placed in a laboratory. Its job is to make color samples,” said Ambarita.

The monetary crisis began in 1997. Ambarita was affected.

He is one of the fired employees. “After that, we are unemployed again,” he said. Police career and lead Raimas Backbone In the midst of his unemployment, Ambarita still has the desire to become a police officer.

“At that time I was playing at Blok M, and then there was an inscription on the banner ‘Student admissions at PKMaba PK Polri 1998-1999’. From there, I tried again,” he said.

“I am preparing myself physically and spiritually. Had time to think what if I was disappointed again? Nothing to lose,” he said. In the second experiment, Ambarita was surprised that he passed every stage of the test.

“Then finally summoned to Polda Metro Jaya and passed. I was assigned to Mojokerto, East Java, and underwent education,” said Ambarita.

“After several months of education, I officially became a police officer,” he said. When ABRI’s dual function was abolished, he then moved to Jakarta until now.

While in Jakarta, Ambarita worked for the Jakarta Police Detective.

Now he is in the Sabhara Division of the East Jakarta Police.

In 2017, Ambarita led the Raimas Backbone, the East Jakarta Police mass breakdown team. “Pak Kombes Pol Andry Wibowo (East Jakarta Police Chief at that time) was also supportive,” said Ambarita. Currently, Raimas Backbone has 30 members.

His various actions with the team attracted the attention of the community. Like the action, last Friday in 2019, Raimas Backbone led by Bripka Ambarita managed to arrest a group of people playing gambling in front of a stall.

In a YouTube show The Police. In the video, Raimas Backbone has caught up to four people playing gambling. Playing cards and a certain amount of betting money were also secured as evidence.

Bripka Ambarita also tried to dig up information from the shop owner. When asked for information, the shop owner admitted that he had repeatedly reminded him. It’s just that they are still naughty and play gambling there.

“What about it, sir, people play alone. I’m also confused,” said the shop owner.

However, Bripka Ambarita explained that stall owners could be involved. Because he has prepared a place for gambling.

To the shop owner, the Head of the Raimas Backbone Team, also explained that the raid that night was carried out after a report from the public. Even though the location is somewhat difficult to reach because they have to pass through narrow alleys, they can also reach it.

However, one of the gamblers who was arrested suddenly asked for permission to smoke.

“Sir, can you smoke?” asked one of the men caught in the ambush that night.

Hearing the question, Bripka Ambarita did not allow it. “Don’t smoke. Why would you be arrested (instead) smoking? Yes, not later,” said Bripka Ambarita.

Motorbike users claim to have brothers from the DPR

The Raimas Backbone team stopped a motorbike unit that was carrying two people on Jalan I Gusti Ngurah Rai, East Jakarta.
MP Ambarita ordered members of the Raimas Backbone Team to examine the two people.

Initial inspection, the motorbike that was stopped by the Raimas Backbone Team did not have a number plate, the rider was not wearing a helmet.
“crashed yesterday in a collision,” said the rider.

MP Ambarita checks the cellphone of a man who rides a motorcycle.

But apparently, the man did not accept “this is my cellphone, how come you play to check my cellphone,” said the man.

Not accepting the action, the man admitted to Katim Raimas Backbone Bripka MP Ambarita, as a brother of a member of the DPR.

MP Ambarita appealed to the man to be cooperative. “First yes sir, you have to be cooperative, the second you don’t put up your license plate, the third you don’t wear a helmet, that’s the problem, sir. I borrowed your identity first,” said MP Ambarita.

“I did not bring it in the house,” replied the man.

“So don’t just feel right, don’t just keep on being great,” MP Ambarita said.
MP Ambarita again emphasized that the man had to cooperate during the examination.

The Raimas Backbone team then searched the two men.

“No drugs, I don’t even smoke,” said the man.

When asked for the vehicle certificate, this man did not bring it.

“That means you will take it at the Cakung Police,” said MP Ambarita.

Intense fighting ensued, but it did not make MP Ambarita afraid. The law is enforced, offenders are dealt with.


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