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SHOOKING!! Two coffins found in the bushes near Centurion in Tshwane



Villagers in Mooiplaas a community near Centurion, Tshwane, were left dumbfounded after they discovered a coffin in a nearby bush.

According to an eyewitness, Two coffins were found in the nearby bushes. They were frightened that they suspected the coffins where dug out from their grave.

A resident in the village, Nokosi who found the coffins, said that he was initially afraid that there might be corpses inside.

“As I got closer, I calmed down when I found out they were empty. “But I was still worried about how they got there.” The president of the 4th District Sanko, Mahogini, said they suspected the coffins were in the bushes for more than a week.

“Coffins are revered in African culture because they carry corpses. “The people who did it do not respect our culture.”

Johan Rousseau, chairman of the Reformed Funeral Home Association, advised residents to call the police for a proper forensic examination.

He urged them not to touch the coffins, as they could become infected. “The coffins could be emptied and emptied by people using the dark,” he said.

Funeral entrepreneur Edith Simelan said. “That man must be arrested. “Dumping coffins will cause tension among us և our customers.” Another entrepreneur, Mmusi Motawang, said it was disrespectful, adding that such people had to face the full force of the law.

“The coffins should be searched, the producers should tell the police who bought them.”

Sangoma Tulani Mabena said the coffins were unlucky and urged those who saw them to clean them. “People who usually do it do so for ritual purposes.”

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