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“Jacob Zuma will not go to prison” – Minister of defense Kebby Maphatsoe speaks out



Minister of defence Kebby Maphatsoe on Thursday night said that the former South African president Jacob Zuma will not go to prison.

Mr Kebby while addressing the media outside the homestead of former President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla, northern KZN revealed that in the next few days, MKMVA cadres will camp outside Zuma’s homestead. “We will wait and see as we have said before that he is going nowhere. He will stay here and we will wait and see,” said Maphatsoe.

The address happened after they met with Zuma. They started just after 1 pm and they only finished after 8 pm.

While speaking he said that people needed to remember that Zuma is loved by the masses and they as the MKMVA don’t think those masses will allow him to be sent to jail.

“We are with him. Whatever happens, we will be with him. We are not going to carry President Jacob Zuma on our shoulders and take him to prison, that will never happen.

Some hate Jacob Zuma but many people love him and I don’t think they will allow him to go to prison,” said Maphatsoe.

He stressed that the masses are outraged by the way the Zondo Commission treats Zuma. “The masses there are very angry.

Those who are happy hate him and they are very few. “Most people are beginning to understand that this commission was set up specifically for Jacob Zuma so it’s already his fault whether he goes there or not,” Mapatsou said.

Maphatsoe said they saw the Zuma’s constitutional rights being violated simply because he asked Deputy Justice Raymond Zond to resign. “The Constitutional Court goes beyond what is said that he has no right to remain silent, he must speak in order for his constitutional rights to be taken away,” Mapatsou said.

He added that the long meeting they had with Zuma was fruitful, they were happy with it because they also received more political education from Zuma.

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