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LFP Chairman, Larry Flint Dies At The Age Of 78


Larry Flint, the man who launched the world-famous porn brand Hustler, has died at the age of 78.

According to his family, he died Wednesday morning in Los Angeles from heart attack.

He was the President of Larry Flynt Publications.

LFP mainly produced magazines such as Hustler, pornographic videos, and three pornographic TV channels called Hustler TV.

During his career, Larry became involved in politics, attempting a brief presidential election in 1984 and running for governor of California in 2003.

He also considered $ 1 million in evidence of sexual offenses during the Bill Clinton impeachment trial to publish his The Flynt Report.

Larry Flint gave direction to misanthropes. Fight for what you feel is right, chase what you feel is pleasurable, and be true to yourself. He was hugely flawed, but he lived a full life of adventure and courage.

Born on November 1, 1942, Larry grew up in Lakeville, Magofin County, Kentucky.

He is one of three children of Larry Claxton Flant Sr. (1919–2005), a joint-stock company and World War II veteran, Edith housewife.

Larry had two younger siblings, Jud ood Jim and brother Jim Jim’s Ray Flynn.

His father served in the United States Army at the European Theater of World War II.

Due to the absence of his father, Flint was raised exclusively by his mother, his maternal grandmother, during the first three years of his life.

In 1965, Flint borrowed $ 1,800 from his savings to buy his mother’s bar in Dayton, Ohio, called Keeve. He repaired it և soon earning $ 1000 a week; he used the profit to buy these two bars.

He worked 20 hours a day taking amphetamines to stay awake

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