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Sand Dune Collapses, Kills Four Children In N2 Borcherd Quarry Site Cape Town



Residents in Cape Town were shocked after a disturbing event that witnessed the deaths of four children.

The fire and rescue services in Nyanga, Cape Town, received an alert on Monday about the incident, to which they are leaving for a rescue mission.

Arriving at the intersection of N2 Borcherd quarry every 3 months, they send fire brigades to the scene.

Gugulethu che Mitchells Plain firefighters receive notifications that three children have fallen into a ditch. “Upon arrival, the officer informed the control center that three minors had fallen into a pit,”

The horrific was said to have occurred after a sand dune fell on the four children along N2 along the Borchers quarry road intersection in Nyanga, Cape Town.

While speaking on the matter, Carelse adds: “The search is still going on, as there is information that a fourth person is not accountable. Active fire-rescue services and the K9 unit at the scene.

“The authorities suspect that the underground trap of the children takes place after the sand on which they are playing falls on them.”

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