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RwandAir Suspended All Flights To South Africa And Zambia As The New Covid-19 Strain Skyrockets


RwandAir has suspended flights to Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia over the new Covid-19 virus strain.

In an earlier announcement released on Tuesday morning by airline says: “RwandAir announces the cancellation of flights to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lusaka and Harare, which are effective from February 8, due to global concerns about the Covid-19 variants that are prevalent in South Africa.

“Scheduled flights will resume as soon as the situation becomes clearer. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. ”

The airline said that affected customers could re-register, fly later at no extra cost or demand a refund.

The new infectious version of Covid-19 (501Y.V2) was first discovered in South Africa late last year. It is thought to have spread to nine other African countries, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) epidemiological report last week.

The South African government announced on Sunday that it was suspending the distribution of recently acquired AtsraZeneca vaccines after a new study showed that it was not effective against the new version.

Zimbabwe expects 200,000 free doses of Sinopharm vaccine in China, but the government still provides vaccine efficacy and safety updates

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