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Cardi B Clears Air On Accusations That She Makes Songs Specifically For TikTok Challenge



As #Upchallenge took the upper wave of social media recently. American female rapper Cardi B has come out publicly to defended her previous performances, including her own choreography which many people said she only did for a challenge on Tiktok.

Last Friday (February 5), Cardi dropped her latest “Up” single, and almost immediately, people started picking up their favourite TikTok moves, hoping to take the title as a choreographer for Cardi’s next big two moves.

There are already a few “Up” dances that are hoping to go viral, and while fans know which one they like best, Cardi is defending herself from the accusations that she purposefully creates her songs, taking into account taking viral dances n Tiktok.

She closed the gossip on her Twitter microblog, noting that she has always had high-quality images. “My videos were A1 from the beginning. “They were getting better than the artist I got, so the budget will double,” the rapper tweeted. “In the beginning, I only had 15 hours to shoot a video, I have two days. I killed him with that money, he has been doing choreography ever since, please, click, never stop. ”

There are various ways for the industry to determine if an artist’s single is a hit or not, and the clear sign of its winner is if it goes viral on TikTok. In a minute, the social media of the videos was already popular among the online users of the younger generation, but last year’s pandemic holidays caused an explosion not only in the new users but also in the content.

Soon, people from all over the world were sending tracks that were often overlooked by charts, and dances, waves, and craziness helped seemingly unfamiliar artists become not only charters but also RIAA-certified performers.

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