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Friends Mourn Death Of A Beloved One



Friends took to the social media to mourn the death of a beloved one who passed away unexpectedly. A woman identified as Lexi Augustson reportedly lost her life in a tragic accident last month. According to a post made by her sister on Facebook, the lady had suffered a massive head injury from the accident and was left with no brain activity. She said the doctors tried all they could to save the life of her sister but she succumbed to the accident.

Lexi’s brief profile on Facebook states that she worked as a house cleaner at Beaming Cleaning Services and also a Detailer at Northland Dodge. She went to George Elliot Secondary School.

Read Excerpts From The Post Lexi’s Sister Made On Facebook – It is with a massively broken heart I am writing this post. On Jan 28th 2021, just one week after her 21st birthday, my little sister Lexi was in a horrible accident. After 45 mins of resuscitation, the paramedics and doctors at Prince George Hospital managed to get her heart beating but unfortunately, she suffered a massive head trauma, which left her with no brain activity. On Jan 29th they officially declared her brain dead.

The doctors have told us that she passed instantly during her accident, no pain or suffering. Later we received word that Lexi had filled out an organ donation form. Today she will be undergoing her organ donation surgery, where she will save the lives of 5 people. Today we say goodbye to the best daughter, sister, soulmate, niece, granddaughter, best friend, aunty and overall just the kindest human being we know.

My sister Lexi lived her life selflessly, always helping someone who needed it. She has an amazing heart that always looks for the good in people. She cared about creatures big and small. She lived her life loud and proud, not giving a damn what anyone thought. Lexi was great at anything she put her heart too. Soccer, Hockey, Skiing and Snowboarding, you name it and I bet you she’d get it right on the first try.

She impacted the lives of everyone she met, in big ways or small. Lexi was the kind of person to pull over and help if she saw you needed it, she’d give her last dime to anyone who asked, she was always there when we needed her. So naturally, when we found out that she had signed the organ donation form, we knew her heartbeat again for a reason, even if that reason meant she wasn’t going to stay with us.

Our lives will never be the same again. There’s a big piece of our family gone. A hole in our hearts that will always be there. But Lexi would not want us to be in pain. She would want us to remember all the good times and all the best memories. Remember her laugh that could fill the house, her big beautiful smile, her gorgeous soul inside and out.

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