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Health and Mind Fitness Educator, Laura Hames Franklin Have Passed Away



Laura Hames Franklin the popular Vlogger and a health educator has sadly passed away.

We came to know of her death through an official Facebook post shared by Simon Garret a friend of Laura, in the post, Simon said he found out that about Laura’s death on Monday morning.

Reports also gathered said sh

“Found out this morning that Laura Hames Franklin had passed away in Bali and I hadn’t even known she was ill.

“I just can’t believe that you’re gone from this Life, Laura.” He said

According to Simon, Laura was the brightest, most wonderful human he had ever met.
She had more Love for life, more Energy and Resilience than anyone I’ve ever known.

Laura could take everything that New York could throw at her, get knocked to the ground and then pick herself up the next morning and start all over again.

She had a beautiful open heart, always had time for everyone and she showed by her own example what it would take to try and reach your dreams.

New York was tough Laura, but you were tougher. I love you with all my heart and I hope you knew that – I’d do anything to somehow make the difference. I’ll never forget you, Laura – you were like no one else, my love for you forever.”

On January 16 a post shared by Barbara R Hames through Ubud Community on Facebook reported that Laura needed A+ blood (A positive), According to the post it was revealed that she was in a critical condition at Siloam hospital.

Laura Hames Franklin was born in Brighton but she lived much of her life in Newyork.


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