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#JusticeForMaya: Sadly young woman, Maya dies at Edenvale Hospital where she was treated for Covid 19 after days of exposing the doctors and nurses



Young lady, Maya dies at Edenvale Hospital where she was treated for Covid 19 after days of complaining been in Oxygen for too long.

The lady said that she was the doctor was acting up and pretending like she was not having enough Oxygen after she saw al the shit in the hospital.

She went further to reveal that she was taken to big machines full of oxygen which left her at some time dizzy.

“Maya Guys I have a serious problem I don’t know what I did but from yesterday.
Bitsoo What do you mean? ….The doctor was acting up cause I saw all the shit in this place.. So yesterday they pretended like I don’t have oxygen… Taken me to big machines of oxygen now which left me very tired n dizzy… Telling me they losing me pretending like they saving me.

Then when I blow those machines my stats becomes better then… They called my sister to come the hospital,  imagine how they  lied and said she is on her way ”

Her friend wrote: “Our dear friend Maya wanted to escape from the hospital due to the bad treatment that she got @EdenvaleHospital where she was treated for Covid 19. We have proof of the conversation this morning in the AMS.

She started texting around 00:56 asking for help. Apparently, she passed at 3 am. #JusticeForMaya ”

Meanwhile many Twitter folks have advised that people should stay off from the hospitals since many deaths recorded sofar from Covid-19 are all mostly from the private and public owned hospitals.

“7 people in my family got Covid-19 (including me). 5 stayed at home and recovered, 2 went to the hospital, one died and one survived (mu mom, thankfully). Avoid hospitals at all costs; you can recover from home. “

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