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Johannesburg based Medical practitioner Dr Melusi Dhlamini under fire for his controversial Twitter post



A controversial medical personnel and a Clinical Executive at Marie Stopes South Africa Dr. Melusi Dhlamini has caught the social media flame after a glaring Twitter post he shared on his page.

In the controversial Tweet shared by Dhlamini he said that in a recent times he revealed a story of how he got someone blacklisted from ever registering at any University in South Africa until he killed himself, All because he wrote a homophobic Facebook status.

“I’d do it all over again, without even flinching” he said

Many Twitter folks who where shocked at his controversial statement said he should be called out for questioning.

They  have now reported him at the Health Professions Council of South Africa. however an unconfirmed screenshot shows Melusi is suspended already.


Many have already written petition that he should be hold responsible for the death of the above mentioned individual.

With lots of reluctance and heavy heart, this is to bring to your attention the admission of guilt by one of your employee’s Dr. Melusi Dhlamini (Clinical Executive, Marie Stopes South Africa) for involuntary manslaughter.

Dr. Melusi Dhlamini, in his tweets dated 26 January 2021 (attached), admitted he had personally architected the dismissal of the now deceased individual. The two seemed to have a grievance over what Dr. Melusi Dhlamini claims is a homophobic statement the deceased had made prior to his untimely passing.

If you could, kindly refer us to the relevant complaints bodies.

We would like to urge Marie Stopes International in its entirety to dully hold Dr. Melusi Dhlamini accountable for his part in this gruesome passing of this individual.

We would also be in contact with the London Middlesex Suicide Prevention Council, Papyrus UK, LifeLong South Africa, South African Depression & Anxiety Group and The South African Police Service.

Kind Regards,

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