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World heavyweight champion boxer, McGregor medically suspended for six months after KO against Poitier



On his return to the octagon, Conor McGregor lost by technical KO (TKO) against the American Dustin Poitier. After the fight, the consequences of it were very visible when the Irish fighter came out on crutches, due to the strokes suffered in the chin.

Now, it is known that the charismatic fighter will not be able to return to the octagon for the next six months, being medically suspended for that period, according to

He is expected to fight again before July if he receives the green light from a doctor, but this only with an X-ray of the tibia or fibula that proves that everything is in conditions with the right pen, and at least 45 days after the fight lost by TKO .

The 32-year-old fighter will not be able to do contact training or fight in the 30 days following the fight, while Poirier has to be out for seven days.

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