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Director of EPA Dr Ciara Mcmahon has sadly passed away



Director general of EPA, Dr Ciara Mcmahon has tragically passed away very recently, She featured in a documentary tonight on Irish tv discussing her work.

The news of her death was made public by her brother, Michael McMahon through an official Twitter post shared on Tuesday.


Dr Ciara McMahon was appointed as one of the five directors of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Her appointment came after the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Eamon Ryan TD secured government approval for the appointment.

Dr McMahon previously held the position of programme manager in the agency’s office of radiation protection and environmental monitoring, focussing on the area of environment and health.

She had a wide range of national, EU and international experience and specialist knowledge in radiological and environmental protection with over 20 years’ experience in areas including emergency preparedness, environmental surveillance, radiation monitoring, citizen science, radon and air quality.

Dr McMahon has represented the agency on the government task force on emergency planning and also worked at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.


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