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American novelist George RR Martin rumored dead



There is unconfirmed news that George RR Martin has died, the report which is yet believed to fake caught up flames on the social media and a lot of people especially the fans of the writer has kept on asking the question if he has died in the actual sense.

The fake news about the writer George RR martin’s death is still not believed to be true.

George is an American novelist and short-story writer,  For years his exceptional works especially that of Game of Thrones has given him a lot of accolades as a writer.

George Raymond Martin was born in 1948. He grew up in Bayonne, New Jersey on September 20. His mother’s family used to be rich, he had a successful construction business, but he lost it all in the Great Depression, which Martin was reminded of every day when he passed his family’s port and home.

It made him feel that even if they were poor, they were coming from the greatness they had been deprived of.

He has two younger sisters, Darlin and Jan Annette. His mother was of half Irish descent.

He also has French, English, Welsh and German roots, which have been confirmed in the TV series “Find Your Roots”.

However, although he believed he was a quarter Italian because he said he was his paternal grandfather, the show’s DNA test confirmed it to his Irish and other ancestors, but ruled out any Italian origin, instead showing that he was about one. A quarter is Ashkenazi Jew

George RR Martin really had that genre of breadth before he did Game of Thrones, but this little story (& collection of the same name) is so good that there was an outer boundary based on it (the new one is actually OL 1). It’s a bit of a dollar to find a physical example, but there it is.


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