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13-year-old Logan asked City Girls rapper JT if she gets beef with Nicki Minaj (Video)


JT learned her lesson on Instagram Live with a young man named Logan.

The City Girls rapper often spends time communicating with her fans, and Logan has the opportunity to chat while sharing the screen with the Florida artist.

During their discussion, Logan had a few questions and opinions he wanted to share and the moment quickly went viral.



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She said: – “This little boy asked me to live with him while he was so innocent and sweet. I hate how people try to make everything negative than he has 13. I hate when ppl take the worst from the worst, “JT wrote in his Live Logan video. He wanted to make sure people understood that he was a child who did not deserve harsh criticism.

“I’m surprised you never sang with Nicki Minaj like, ‘Do you have beef?'” Logan asked in the video. JT answered with a smile. “Oh, no child. I do not get beef. ” Logan said he “loves Nicki Minaj”, և JT responded to his mood. Logan then gave his thoughts on whether he believed Queen Barb would work with City Girls.

“But how I do not know, I see how you all sing together,” added Logan. “If you all do it, that’s fine, but I do not know if I see you singing together.” He abruptly cut Live, saying he had to leave, but his innocent, calm nature captured hearts. It was not long before the video was released, and soon everyone had something to say about the fun exchange.

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