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Man gets the shock of his life after paternity test showed that he was not the father a child he raised for 6 years & 5 months



A Twitter user has gushed out how he helped his estranged wife raise a child 6 years and 5 months without knowing that he was not his.

The young man who  goes with the name Yanga on the social media couldn’t hold the shock went to his Twitter page to share the story, He said he that his evil wife made him raise a child for 6 yrs and 5 months without his knowledge that the dude was not his child.

He said until he requested for the paternity test 3 weeks ago because he had the suspicion all the years.

Fast forward few days ago, the result came out and he has find out that he is not the father.

“So this other evil woman made me raise a child for 6years 5months.

I requested paternity test 3 weeks back coz i had this suspicion al these years.

Results came and am not the father, i feel sorry for the poor child who knew me as the father”


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