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Girl 10-year-old dies after doing a TikTok blackout challenge, she tied a belt around her neck



A 10-yera-old girl in Italy dies after doing a TikTok blackout challenge, she was said to have tied a belt around her neck before she died.

Antonella Sicomero, a 10-year-old Italian girl, lost her life after participating in a popular challenge among young people that consists of tying a belt to the neck, tightening it and holding on as much as possible.

It is not the first time that a challenge in social networks has been fatal for one of its participants. On this occasion, the victim was an Italian girl of only 10 years old, who died after doing a challenge on TikTok that consists of tying a belt around her neck, tightening it and resisting as long as possible .

The little girl, a native of Kalsa (Palermo), suffocated on her belt . The parents found her unconscious on the floor of her house and immediately transferred her to the hospital.

At the nearest hospital, the young woman has already arrived in cardiorespiratory arrest due to prolonged asphyxia , according to the ‘ Giornale di Sicilia ‘.

The doctors at the Di Cristina Hospital could not save the life of Antonella Sicomero . The girl died in the pediatric intensive care unit in a deep irreversible coma after prolonged cerebral anoxia.

The police have launched an investigation into Antonella’s death to clarify the details of the case. Investigators have seized the girl’s mobile phone, in order to analyze what the TikTok challenge consists of .

Likewise, the Italian health department will be in contact with those responsible for the investigation in order to launch a possible alert on this challenge.

On the other hand, Antonella’s parents have given consent to the hospital for the donation of the little girl’s organs . The request is in the process of being accepted.

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